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    Author James Altucher and His Alternates in College: Why do you want to postpone college?

    We all heard the saying, \”College is not for everyone.\”Siliconsasquatch.com.

    The Altusher quoted the words that many of the children attending the college were very little or not studying at all. Instead, he said, many college students spend most of their time in general and don’t study at all …

    Today, the cost of the college is soaring than the cost of health care. When the students are over, jobs are not guaranteed, and students are stuck in debt for years …

    Instead of taking a bunch of garbage brains, Altucher offers several alternative routes in which students can get \”real life\”, such as hard work, time management, organizational skills and understanding of money management and, of course, socialization skills …

    The first and main alternative Altucher offers to start the business …

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    He says that every child, at some point in his or her own business, must have his own business and that can be started over the Internet ..

    He said it was best to study such lessons as a bad time, age 18, not 40 years.This is a situation where young children can gain practical experience and learn what is needed to run business success or failure.

    Altusher also suggests that students should take the time to travel the world. Go somewhere far and foreign, like India, for a year and get a new experience, a new culture …

    Traveling around the world, students will have the opportunity to learn about the poverty and the value of the dollar. Travel exposes you to different people, cultures and experiences that will inevitably change who you are, and the choices you make. Traveling will also teach you how to survive in difficult circumstances and tasks ..

    Find out how to create and be creative. Playing a musical instrument, writing a book or even studying ceramics are different forms of art that you can look at. Study the history of ancient culture, find out where it comes from, and how the past still affects the present and the future ..